Saturday, February 19, 2005


The Long Road In

The market place isn't quiet, that's just me trying to figure out the latest twists. I have been more concerned with the glowing message board, constantly filled with cases that need to be looked at. Business before pleasure, but in this case, pleasure is business, is it not? I know not what else I will do, I merely know that something ought to be done about this problem.

I am tending to my ideas, which are slowly gaining value. A strange and forward-thinking man is introducing changes. I am quite confused, as I don't always understand what is going on, but I will stay quiet and continue working on my agenda. That is what a good businesswoman does, is it not?

There are quiet forces working in the game. The market is beginning to become one with my mind; I can see what is taking place before it happens. Buying, selling, bonding, raiding...all of it is second nature.

The Alter-Ego is coding again. Bless her heart. In another life, I may have wanted that simplicity. When the hell did I discover the twisted art of making money?

Carrashen out.

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