Wednesday, January 05, 2005


The Letter

The envelop was nondescript, stuffed into my mailbox like any other letter. However, the loud neon-green paper contained words that made my heart skip a beat:

WANTED: BlogShares Securities Exchange Commission Members!

3 Slots Open! Must have strong writing skills, some free time to pursue assignments, and must be a team player.

The note went on to discuss some of the duties of the position. I read over all of it quickly, grinning. Pursuing cheaters of the market, bringing these gamers of the system to justice? That would be perfect for me.

Team player. I rolled the words over in my head. A team player?! I didn't even need to see my reflection to know I was grimacing. I go it alone, always have. Yet it was slowly beginning to sink in that in order to climb up the ladder, I needed the help of others. To a certain extent, that is; I wasn't going to become an overnight brownoser. I went to my study, pulling up OpenOffice on my desktop. Not the leading product of the word processing world, but a very fine product that handled my every need.

I began to type:

Serise Carrashen here.

I'd like to throw my hat into the BSEC ring, if I may. The writing's on the wall, people; do I honestly need to expound my virtues? My account number is 706, I'll let my character and experience speak for themselves.

Serise Carrashen out.

I looked over my letter, and had to laugh. Sure it was ballsy and to the point, but nice girls don't get the corner office. I looked over at the time, and sighed. The clock read 11:00pm. The clock is a marker that highlights my current perchant for burning the candle at both ends, or trying to. Lack of sleep was beginning to take a toll on me. Very bad, Serri, I thought to myself. Perhaps a little sleep would pick up my spirits. After all, young professionals needed their sleep too.

Carrashen out.
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